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This group is restarting.
If you wish to join this group you can, but please be active as much as you can.
I promise to make this a better and active group.

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Loners, Rogues, Kittypets





Name: Solarray
Gender: tom
Rank: Deputy
Description: yellowish pelt with orange stripes and green eyes
Personality: you'll see
Family/Friends: Lunarlight: sister
Mate or Crush: None
History: loners he walk to Brambleclan while Lunarlight went to another
Deviant name: SkypawtobeSkyheart
Pic Ref: skypawtobeskyheart.deviantart.…

Medicine Cat~


Medicine Cat Apprentice~



Name: Timberclaw
Gender: Male
Rank: Warrior
Description: dark brown tabby tom with glowing green eyes and scar over left eye
Personality: restrained friendly if he's comfortable enough around you
Family/friends: three kits, Mate: Robinwhisker
History: exiled from Praireclan and adopted into BrambleClan as an apprentice (he's only one week older than Robinwhisker)
Deviant name: ShadowedTearsOfLove
Pic Ref. :

Name: Briarsong
Gender: Female
Rank: Warrior
Description: Small white she-cat with a ginger chest and blue eyes.
Personality: A sweet cat, she's very playful yet isn't afraid to snap or speak her mind. She loves kits, and is quite brave and bold.
Family/Friends: Unknown
Mate or Crush: Brackenthorns (Crush)
History: Born in Brambleclan
Deviant name: Briarthorn-of-HC
Pic Ref:

Name: Lightheart
Gender: Female
Rank: Warrior
Description: white she-cat with blue eyes and silver markings.
Personality: curious, troublemaker, and sweet
Family/Friends: None
Mate or Crush: She has a big crush on Brackenthorns
History: All her life, prophecies have always included her in them. She used to be a medicine cat, but was reborn. Long ago, her medicine cat self was known as Lightfoot.
Deviant name: Ninja-of-Ice
Pic Ref:

Description: link below
Rank: warrior
Personality: loving and caring
History: he was abandoned
Rped by: shadowtail567
Pic Ref:…



Name: Heathercloud
Gender: she-cat
Rank: Queen
Personality: Loving, possibly sweetest cat on earth
Family/Friends: Unknown
Mate or Crush: Unknown
History: Unknown
Deviant name: XxxFruitsBasketxxX
Pic Ref:

Name: Robinwhisker
Gender: female
Clan: BrambleClan
Rank: Queen
Description: ginger she-cat with white spots edged with light brown and bright blue eyes
Personality: friendly and fierce in battle unless you're on her good side, you might wanna watch out...
Family/Friends: three kits Birchkit, Flamekit and Spottedkit (later one after she's a warrior)
Mate or Crush: Timberclaw
History: she has been known to have tragedy on her doorstep all the time...
Deviant name: ShadowedTearsOfLove
Pic Ref:


Name: Birchkit
Gender: Female
Clan: BrambleClan
Rank: kit/apprentice
Description: dark brown tabby with blue eyes
Personality: friendly and playful
Family/Friends: two siblings
Mate or Crush: N/A
History: born and raised in BrambleClan
Deviant name: ShadowedTearsOfLove
Pic Ref: [link]

Name: Spottedkit
Gender: Female
Clan: brambleClan
Rank: kit/medicine-cat apprentice
Description: golden spotted she-cat (leopard like spots)
Personality: playful wishes to be a medicine cat very badly and doesn't like it when her siblings try to play fight with her
Family/Friends: two siblings
Mate or Crush: N/A
History: N/A
Deviant name: ShadowedTearsOfLove
Pic Ref: [link]

Name: Flamekit
Gender: Male
Clan: BrambleClan
Rank: kit/apprentice
Description: flame colored tomcat with blue eyes
Personality: restrained and isn't very social after apprenticeship
Family/Friends: two siblings
Mate or Crush: N/A
History: N/A
Deviant name: ShadowedTearsOfLove
Pic Ref: [link]


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Music-Soul-Eon Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
May I make a Warrior?
Nara-Sinkasha-99 Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Foxclaw
Gender: Male
Clan: RushingClan
Rank: Warrior
Description: A handsome broad-shouldered Somali tom,with fur of dark ginger and gleams of gold.With peircing ice-blue eyes.
Personality: Was once very kind,happy,optimistic,and pure.But after many tragedies,his heart turned cold and bitter.Making him appear like a fox-hearted cat.But he is truly moral and good.
Family/friends: Mother- Autumnsong- a gorgeous calico with a pelt of amber,russet,brown and black-was killed protecting Foxpaw and Swallowpaw,when dogs attacked the camp.Father- unknown,was said to be a strong and handsome tom.Cougarkit-brother-a tiny golden and cream tom with brillant green eyes-died during the blizzard but was never mentioned to Foxkit.
Mate: Swallowflight- a beautiful light brown tabby,with swirled streaks of black.Was pregnant with Foxclaw's two kits when her bleeding would not stop and kits would not come.So she passed away that night along with Foxclaw's little tom and she-kit.
History: He was born in the middle of late winter.His older brother Cougarkit died from starvation and hypothermea,during the third night of birth.His mother,Autumnsong,struggled to support Foxkit.But they managed 'till spring.When during a horrible raid of dogs attacked,and Autumnsong was killed.But foxkit was already weaned off of milk and survived alone in the nursery,while the rest of his ddenmates were apprenticed.Yet one of his mother's friends,kept him company untill he was finally apprenticed.He grew bitter,and desolate and was often sought as a bad omen from StarClan.During his apprentice-hood however,he fought off a fox and saved his soon-to-be mate,Swallowflight.They grew closer and then she was pregnant and they were happy when the medicine cat cleared a healthy delivery.But a healthy delivery was far from what they got,when Swallowflight died of uncontrolled bleeding and the kits suffocated in the womb.So his heart grew cold again,to protect him from making friends or mates,and having to watch them die.
Deviant name: Nara-Sinkasha-99
Pic Ref. : Colored and Kit- [link] (one on left) Uncolored and Warrior- [link]
You in
Nara-Sinkasha-99 Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just incase you are interested, i have a group about warriors as well and many clans still need deputies, Medicine Cats and other important roles. Here is the link if you want to join: [link]
warriorcatcupcake Sep 14, 2012  Student Artist
may i join



Clan:snowcap clan

Rank: app

Description:she is beatufuil brown and white shecat has a scar on her tail

Personality:she is very sweet and kind but can take her power of beauty and use it for herself. in battle she is as fierce as lionclan

Family/Friends: robintail/mom

Mate or Crush:riverclaw young warrior

History:she came from a place where trees grow so tall and its cold alot

Deviant name:firestarsdead

Pic Ref:coming

I'll take care of it asap. ;3
Kitkat231 Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I join plz?

Name: Moonfur
Gender: she cat
Clan: SnowcapClan
Rank: Warrior
Description: American shorthair: silver pelt with black patches, stubbed tail
History: was a kittypet, hated her abusive twolegs, who cut her tail for being "aggressive with guests"
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